Since the company was established in 2006, we have been an efficient and reliable partner on the labour market:

  • We only provide job seekers with the best job offers from proven employers,
  • We only recommend the best employees to potential employers,
  • Employees, candidates and clients can always rely on our commitment and support,
  • We recruit quickly and efficiently,
  • We employ in accordance with the law and with respect for business ethics,
  • We are flexible and create new ideas and customised solutions.
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References from employees: link

FLEXIDEA means recruitment according to your schedule.

We provide the best employees available on local labour markets. We recruit candidates for both permanent and temporary positions. 
Every year, our clients take on several thousand motivated employees through our selection process. 
We are not a corporation but we compete with the largest international companies in our industry. Employers for whom we recruit and employ appreciate our commitment, flexibility and the quick and honest information we supply. 
We increase our advantage over our competition in our everyday work through:

  • The quality of our services and recruitment processes,
  • The quality of our candidates and employees,
  • The quick completion of assignments,
  • The commitment and dedicated execution of projects.
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The head office of FLEXIDEA

is located in Łódź - the centre of Poland. This enables the efficient processing of candidates and assignments from all over the country as well as abroad. In addition, we have offices in Radomsko (Łódzkie Voivodship) and Drezdenko (Lubuskie Voivodship). We have also been permanently marking our presence in our clients' sites by keeping in-house offices:

For our employees:

  • We provide a quick and efficient service,
For our clients:
  • The best communication and immediate response.

References from employees

The best recommendation for a company is a content and happy workforce :)
We have received more references from employees who started their career in Flexidea and found permanent employment with our client.
We are very grateful for their appreciation and we wish them continued success!!!

Arkadiusz Gruszczyński: 
I find working with Flexidea to be highly successful. Communication with the company’s representative was excellent. Reliable and timely payments. There was also the possibility to sign contracts at the place of work. All of this contributed to my positive opinion.
Mateusz Jaskólski:
Working with Flexidea was very good. Ewelina is a very nice and helpful person. She was always available to help when needed. Payments were always made on time and sometimes even ahead of schedule. Our working relationship was very pleasant. I sincerely recommend Flexidea.
Cezary Lisowski:
Thank you for the work with Flexidea. During the 6 months of the contract, the company always paid remuneration on time. I am satisfied with the personal service, the communication with the company and the transparent conditions of our working together. 
Rafał Tejchman:
During the term of the contract, the company made all payments on time. I am very pleased with our working relationship.
Artur Kwiatkowski:
The partnership, communication and payments were always at a high level.
Milena Szcześniak-Petrosyan:
My partnership with the Flexidea Employment Agency was very successful. The Agency showed itself to be a very good job provider. I always received the information I needed. Timely payments, reliable, thorough and helpful employees. I can honestly recommend Flexidea.

Arkadiusz Gruszczyński :
Współpracę w firmą Flexidea oceniam bardzo dobrze. Kontakt z przedstawicielem firmy był znakomity. Rzetelne i terminowe wypłaty. Możliwość podpisywania umów w miejscu wykonywania pracy. To wszystko złożyło się na pozytywną opinię.

What will our partnership mean for your company?

FLEXIDEA TEMP is a temporary work service with FLEXIDEA
efficient recruitment of large numbers of employees in a short period of time with no compromise when it comes to candidate quality.
FLEXIDEA SELECT is a permanent recruitment service with FLEXIDEA
the confidential, quick and professional location of the suitable candidate for every organisation. We demonstrate initiative and operate without compromise when looking for a future employee. Working with us is a business partnership with candidates and representing the interests of our clients on the labour market.

FLEXIDEA OUT is an outsourcing service from FLEXIDEA
the perfect service for employees who are content and feel a part of your team.

Irrespective of the type of FLEXIDEA service, a partnership with us optimises employment costs. The solutions and services of FLEXIDEA mean financial savings - always in compliance with the law and the rules of ethics.


FLEXIDEA Temporary Work provides:

For the company:

  • Permanent access to the best and current candidates,
  • Time saving,
  • Cost optimisation,
  • Support and professionalism in ongoing HR, administrative and payroll processes,
  • Delegating responsibility in key areas related to employment,
  • Best service.
For the candidate/employee:
  • A real opportunity for permanent employment,
  • The optimum service and partnership,
  • Punctual and correct payment of remuneration,
  • Mutual respect and attention to good relations every day.

Check out the quality of FLEXIDEA! References from employees.
Every quarter, dozens of people find permanent employment with our clients.


FLEXIDEA outsourcing means:

  • Cost optimisation,
  • Taking over and managing processes,
  • Flexibility and adaptation to current needs.
We create solutions that are:
  • dedicated to your organisation,
  • customised,
  • tailored to the needs of your organisation.
Check out the quality of FLEXIDEA! References from employees: link
Check out the quality of FLEXIDEA! References from clients:



  • An effective source of or additional support for recruitment processes,
  • Quick location of suitable candidates for all levels of your organisation,
  • Attractive financial conditions and guarantees,
  • Professional representation and promotion of your organisation on the labour market.
If you are looking for recruitment support and the best candidates for your organisation, FLEXIDEA SELECT is the answer to your needs.
Check out the quality of FLEXIDEA! References from employees:
Check out the quality of FLEXIDEA! References from clients: