FLEXIDEA’s aim is to support people active on the labour market. We are ready to assist all those who are consciously seeking employment, are focused on their career development or simply wishing to change their jobs. You can count on our experience and contacts on the local labour markets. We will provide you with support at all stages of applying for the desired position. With us, finding a job full of challenges and satisfaction may prove much easier.
Thank to our close contact with potential employers, we get to learn more quickly about new vacancies and the personnel needed. Our partners include reputable companies with a stable and well-established position, many of which are renowned for their care for the development of their employees.
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Advantages of temporary positions

Gaining different experience

By working in different organisations, you will learn the specifics of working in a variety of positions and the way companies work. You will also expand your professional experience,.

Identifying your own professional preferences

By working in different professions, you will have the opportunity to test yourself in different projects and decide based on your experiences what type of work you wish to develop in.
Finding permanent employment
Temporary work gives you the possibility to demonstrate your skills and qualifications. When a vacancy appears in a company, you have

A greater chance of getting a permanent position than other candidates

Legal and stable earnings

Our employees are employed under contracts of employment.

Adjusting the period of employment to your own needs